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to lead your life & business with Love & pleasure.

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PureHeart Leadership

  • Leading from a heart-centered place 
  • Create authentic connections & relationships
  • Enhance your love life
  • Step up in your business
  • Astrology 


Personal Guidance

  • Emotional & stress release
  • Make peace with your body
  • Embody your truth 
  • Balance your energy

1:1 Mentoring

Personal Guidance

  • Body Image
  • Abundance & Manifestation
  • Love & Relationships
  • Leadership from the heart

Do you feel something more is within you as you are right now showing to the world? 👑

When you feel a silent yes or a hell yes within you right now.

It is a sign there is more within you that deserves to be expressed to the world.

Then maybe this is your SIGN to step out of your shade and start shining.

It is time for you to express yourself fully and bring your gifts into the world.
The world is going through a big shift. What if this is your gift to unravel yourself, to remember your true essence, and unleash your power.

But how can you step out of your shade?

Take your body on board. Make peace with your body image.
Move your body to release tension, pressure, and shame.
Process undigested emotions and traumas.
Integrate experiences and strength within you.
Use your body as a tool to let emotions flow through you.
Explore your movements to create freedom within yourself.

Unleash your true power by creating safety and comfort in your own body.


Emobdoment und Selbstliebe

Be Happy Wild & Free News!

Zeit für positive Neuigkeiten und Inspirationen in Deinem Posteingang. 

Alles Rund um Yoga, Embodiment, Selbstliebe & Selbstbestimmt Leben. 

Namaste Vanessa

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