Vanessa Gruebel

Vanessa Gruebel

Website Consultant & Yoga Teacher

Follow your heart ♡ Be yourself ☆

My main goal is it to make YOU shine!
I am thriving to build Websites which represent YOU in an authentic way & highlight YOUR unique business concept.
Through my work as a Yoga Teacher, I want to help YOU to live a balanced life in harmony with YOU and YOUR environment.

Website Consultant

You want to express yourself in an authentic way?

I am happy to support you with the following

Values I stand for are 

      • Authenticity

      • Honesty

      • Freedom


How is working with me?

"Dear Vanessa,

now for one month, my blog is online and I’m able to fill it peace for peace with life. From many sides, I receive positive feedback for it.
The blog is representing exactly what I wanted to communicate and show to others. The result of your consultation, conceptional guidance, and implementation is true “My Website”: individual and personal - nothing off the rack. You structured my thoughts, visions, and wishes and shaped them into one concept.

Therefore you worked effective and solution-oriented.
Thank you for your patience, even if I had more requests for changes or when input from my side took something longer. You always had the timeline in mind and worked flexible with delayed content from my side (even you’ve been pretty busy). Through that, we could manage a tight time frame. Your instructions videos are really helpful and guide me through “working myself” on my Blog. It’s a good feeling that you are always reachable and that you support quickly if I have troubles with working on my Website on my own. I look forward to further cooperation.




" Vanessa is an incredibly empathetic person

who has put my page together

with expertise and inspiration

so that the website is truly mine.

Thank you! "