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Relationship Healing, Self-Healing, Emotional Release, Numerology, Ayurveda

I teach you how to heal yourself & Relationship wounds intuitively.


Relationships & Play

Desires & Love

Emotional Safety

Money Magic

Creative Expression

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A journal developed for Leaders who want to reconnect with their

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Here is how I nurture you:

Self-Healing, Emotional Release Techniques, Yoga, Community, Ayurveda, Numerology

Nurture Your Peaceful Warrior

Intuitive Healing Session

Based on Numerology, Ayurveda, Yoga, Emotional Release Techniques, Touch, Huna


10 Minute Audio Message

  • Life-path & Life-purpose
  • Voice Message per WhatsApp or Telegram
  • Price: Donation

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30-Minute Booster

Intuitive Healing Session – It’s all about nurturing your wounds & filling up your cup!

  • Location: Zoom/ at your home
  • Price: Donation

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    60-Minute Deep Healing

    Intuitive Healing Session – It’s all about nurturing your wounds & filling up your cup!

    • Location: Zoom/ at your home
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    Become Your Own Healer!

    Intuitive Healing Power

    1:1 Guidance with Vanessa


    1 Month personal Guidance, Teaching how to heal yourself

    • Tune-In with your Intuition
    • Manifest your Dream Life
    • Release Emotional Blockades
    • Embody your King or Queen
    • Heal relationship wounds
    • Generate Money Magic
    • Embody & fine-tune your expression
    • Explore your sexual desires

    What You Get:

    • 1 Session, 60 Minutes per Week (Live or Zoom)
    • Personal What’s App Guidance
    • Access to Moon Cycle Tribe
    • Intuitive Homework

    Your Investment:

    • Price: 1.111,- USD

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    Online Course Magic

    You Can Have It All!

    Simply from all over the world.


    5 Senses Experience

    • Working on current challenges & blockades

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    Do You know the Moon Cycle Tribe?

    Join your Astrology & Deep Inner Healing Community NOW! 

    Intuitive Healing Techniques

    All my healing sessions are mostly intuitive and always personalized to your current needs & wounds.

    All over the world, I studied different healing techniques which I incorporate in all my healing sessions, 1:1 Healing Journeys & Online Courses. 

    Read more about Vanessa Journey.

    Yoga & Intuitive Movement

    Not flexible enough for Yoga?

    Yoga is for me a form of practicing acceptance & surrendering in the present moment. It’s deep inner healing to calm down our monkey mind.


    Powerful! Our breath is the source of life – our fire. Breathing is healing. You can clear the Mind & create a connection to your Body.

    Emotional Release Techniques

    Exceptionalism – There is always a hunger for more success, better results & more status. But what if you are exactly perfect with your imperfections?

    Revolutionize the rules & restrictions you set for yourself.


    Explore your own success path & make peace with your shadow aspects.

    (Using the wisdom from Der Weg des Herzens)

    Ayurveda Massage & Touch

    We are energy. We are human. 

    We are all craving touch, and we desire to be seen on a deeper soul level. 

    Touch heals your soul.

    Aroma Therapy

    Incredible Results for your emotional balance and physical health. Powerful to set intentions using aroma therapy.

    Moon Cycles

    Death & Rebirth. 

    Can you see the beauty in dark times? If not I invite you to start connecting with the death & your dark sides to transmute into light. 

    Huna & Ho'oponopono

    Compassion & Love. 

    Living in Love is a choice. Actually, it’s your choice. Take responsibility for your emotions and your actions. Forgiveness Rituals are a big part of my work. 

    Do you know my YouTube Channel?

    Sharing knowledge about Divine Union & Partnership, Numerology & Emotional Balance with you

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