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Rising in LOVE!

Welcome to my Modern Healing Sanctuary!

I guide you on your Self-Healing Journey to

  • Step out of Co-Dependent Behavior, Patterns, Beliefs & Relationships
  • Heal old relationship wounds with Forgiveness, Inner Child Work & Shadow Work
  • Embody your Super Powers with Emotional Release Techniques and Embodiment Practices
  • Integrate the Shadow and the Light in your Personality and remember your true power
  • Heal grieving and learn how to live in Seasons/ Cycles through aligning to the Moon Cycles or your Menstruation Cycle and Womb Connection
  • Resolve Emotional Eating through the ancient wisdom of Ayurveda


– The REAL You!

Holistic Health Lifestyle

– Body, Mind & Soul

CoDependent Relationships

– Healing old Relationship Wounds

Your Hot N’ Heavy Spirit Guide!

Your Spirit Guide helps you to detach from society, codependent patterns, and limiting beliefs so that you can embrace inner freedom. The workbook contains the Astrology Signs, Life Path Numbers, and Life Cycle Numbers (Numerology) and includes a guide on how to synchronize your life to the Moon or your Menstruation Cycle.

A little insight in the Spirit Guide!

Here is what you will receive if you sign up for the Spirit Guide.

Here is how I nurture you:

Self-Healing, Emotional Release Techniques, Yoga, Community, Ayurveda, Numerology

Intuitive Numerology Reading

Energy Healing Session

Life Path Number, Life Cycle, Business Strategy, Love Reading according to your current challenge in Business or Love


1) Customized Audio Message

  • Life-Path Number & Life-purpose
  • The Audio Message is customized to a special question of yours: business, love, family (everything that is on your mind)
  • Voice Message per WhatsApp or Telegram
  • Price: 25 USD

    2) Numerology Meets Business


    • Create creative business solutions: We will work on a specific challenge of your business
    • I make you thrive for your soul business: We will bring magic into your business

    What you can’t expect:

    • No fixed premade strategies
    • No fixed premade strategies
    • No spiritual wouwou
    • No abstract interpretation of your numbers

    What you can expect:

    • Fresh Business Ideas for your existing business or to kick-start your business
    • Discover YOUR Business SOUL Print in alignment with your current energy to bring play into your business
    • My approach is simple but effective because the strategies we develop together are matching YOU
    • I empower you to take action

    How can I impact your business with numbers:

    • TRUTH: Honest Feedback: Because I want you to move your business forward: Numbers don’t lie
    • EXCITEMENT: My passion for business is tremendously, and I will share my energy with you
    • UNCONVENTIONALITY: I love unconventional ideas and I don’t like any limitations, I’m your permission slip to do it differently
    • SERVING: I’m committed to serving, so you will receive a brilliant service
    • Location: Zoom/ at your home
    • Price: 133 USD

    3) Numerology Meets Love


    Your Footprint in LOVE

    • I give you an understanding of how you are wired in Love Relationships, Friendship, Family Relationships
    • I give you an understanding of how you and your Love Partner are wired together


    After the Reading, you will feel

    • Feeling Relief
    • Explaining things you can’t understand in your love life
    • Let go of control in your relationships and lean into love
    • Permission to open up for love
    • Acceptance and surrender in difficult times in your relationships


    • Location: Zoom/ at your home
    • Price: 133 USD

     Heal Codependent Relationship Patterns!

    1:1 Healing Mentorship

    1 Month Personal Guidance by Vanessa

    For who?

    • Stuck in CoDependent Relationships
    • Unhappy with Body Image & Emotional Eating
    • Disconnected from Soul Mission

    The outline:

    #1 Week:

    Detach from society structures, family influence, and toxic patterns to find back to YOU with Forgiveness

    #2 Week

    Connect with your Inner Child to heal deep relationship wounds – Play & nurturing embodiment practices

    #3 Week

    Fall in LOVE with your Shadows and discover the hidden beauty in dark times – Shadow Work

    #4 Week

    Embody your raw expression and embrace your soul mission – Embodiment Practices

    The Result:

    You will step out of Codependency and Rise in LOVE.

    What You Receive:

    • 1 Numerology Reading: Life Path Number to connect with your Soul’s Task 
    • 1 Healing Session, 60 Minutes per Week (Live or Zoom)
    • 1 Movement Session, 90 Minutes per Week (Live or Zoom)
    • Personal What’s App Guidance by Vanessa 
    • Tailor-Made Practices & Homework

      Online Course Magic

      How To Step Out Of Codependency & Rise in Love

      The Online Course is your Modern Healing Guide

      • Feel safe in your body and in your Relationships in globally shaky times.
      • Connect with your emotional world and release trapped emotions and limiting beliefs.
      • Detach from People Pleasing and honoring your needs and desires to attract Soulmates in your life.
      • Let Go of Co-Dependent Relationship patterns and take your Power back
      • Connect with your Intuition and develop your unique healing strategy to gain back trust in your life, relationships, and the world.

      Do you want to Break Free from Codependent Beliefs, Patterns, and Relationships?

      Brand New Online Course

      • Do you feel powerless in your relationships?
      • Do you want to step out of People Pleasing?
      • Do you feel emotionally manipulated?
      • Have you lost trust in yourself and the world?
      • Do you want to feel stable within yourself?

      Intuitive Healing Techniques

      All my healing sessions are mostly intuitive and always personalized to your current needs & wounds.

      All over the world, I studied different healing techniques which I incorporate in all my healing sessions, 1:1 Healing Journeys & Online Courses. 

      Read more about Vanessa Journey.

      Yoga & Intuitive Movement

      Not flexible enough for Yoga?

      Yoga is for me a form of practicing acceptance & surrendering in the present moment. It’s deep inner healing to calm down our monkey mind.


      Powerful! Our breath is the source of life – our fire. Breathing is healing. You can clear the Mind & create a connection to your Body.

      Emotional Release Techniques

      Exceptionalism – There is always a hunger for more success, better results & more status. But what if you are exactly perfect with your imperfections?

      Revolutionize the rules & restrictions you set for yourself.


      Explore your own success path & make peace with your shadow aspects.

      (Using the wisdom from Der Weg des Herzens)

      Ayurveda Massage & Touch

      We are energy. We are human. 

      We are all craving touch, and we desire to be seen on a deeper soul level. 

      Touch heals your soul.

      Aroma Therapy

      Incredible Results for your emotional balance and physical health. Powerful to set intentions using aroma therapy.

      Moon Cycles

      Death & Rebirth. 

      Can you see the beauty in dark times? If not I invite you to start connecting with the death & your dark sides to transmute into light. 

      Huna & Ho'oponopono

      Compassion & Love. 

      Living in Love is a choice. Actually, it’s your choice. Take responsibility for your emotions and your actions. Forgiveness Rituals are a big part of my work. 

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