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I Help You find Purpose and Passion

by Healing Subconscious Trauma and Opening your Heart.

During this process, you will transform your Physical Appearance

and Upgrade your Relationships and your Sex-Life.

About Vanessa

Life is too Short


For A Long Time, I was suppressing my Desire for a Love Partner, Intimacy & Sexual Drive.

Shortly before my Dad suddenly died, in 2015 I went through a breakup that broke my heart. Experiencing additionally the death of my Dad, closed my heart for love for a long time. To be able to handle all the pain, I was facing, I was building high walls around my heart and I told myself the stories:

 “I don’t need love in my life”

“Every man I love will leave me”

“I am better by myself”

“I focus on my business”

Through these limiting beliefs about love and men I only attracted emotionally unavailable men, who confirmed my lifting beliefs. But through following my purpose, radically facing myself, and doing deep inner work, I was able to open up to real love & started dating again. Through dating, I explored what I need, and desire to feel safe in a relationship, and how to have intimate conversations with men. Finally, I attracted a partner who is deeply committed to me and our relationship, who shares an equal vision of his life, and who is willing to take me with ALL I am.   

In my coaching, workshops I share with you my unique approach to how to heal subconscious relationship traumas, how to open up for love again, and how to attract a soulmate who is committed, available for love, and in energetic alignment with you.


How I Nurture you

Online Workshops

Transform your life using the power of a group container. Group Workshops and Retreats are an accelerator for your inner growth, because you open your mind for different perspectives, and you can practice listening and share inner insights. 


  • PURPOSE: Find Purpose in your Life w/ Numerology
  • HEAL subconscious Trauma w/ Breath Work & Emotional Release Techniques
  • CONNECT: Unleash your passion & your Sex Life


A quick, uncomplicated way to gain massive clarity about your Soul’s Path, your Relationship Dynamics, and your Sexual Desires.

Option 1: Basic READING

✅ LIVE Session 30 Min


❌ No Personalized Numerology Chart

Option 2: FULL Reading

✅ LIVE Session 60-90 Min 


✅ Personalized PDF Chart LIFETIME ACCESS

Psychedelic Ceremonies

I hold the space for healing subconscious Trauma, transforming limiting beliefs, and reconnecting with your heart with plant medicine in a safe space.

Why are psychedelics so powerful?

1. Shift unhealthy patterns

2. Help with addictions to alcohol, sex, drugs, smoking

3. Heal Depression

4. Heal Subconscious Traumas

5. Removes the Ego

6. Unleashes Creativity

Read More About Psychedelics

101 Mentorship

Transform your Intimate Relationships, find Passion in Love, and Up-Level your Sex Life. 

For Who is the Mentorship?

  • You want to open your heart for love
  • You want to work on your relationship dynamics
  • You want to shift your physical appearance to feel confident in your body
  • You want to upgrade your Sex-Life
  • You want to reignite your Passion

Monthly Support:

  • Private WhatsApp Access
  • 1 Coaching Call a week
  • Self-Reflection Journal
  • Tailor-made Homework


  • Numerology Reading
  • Numerology Guide
  • Access to Group Workshops

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