“Happiness starts with you.
Not with relationships,
not with your job,
not with your money,
but with you.”
~ Sadhguru

My Experiences

Through my supportive function over 3 years in the family-owned business, I could gain practical experience in how to manage a medium size business, how to develop a passionate business, treating employees with love and respect and allowing fluidity into a business.

I bring sales & consulting experience during a two-year apprenticeship as a Trained Bank Management Assistant. This time learned me how to bring structure into projects and how to organize properly.

In the consulting area, I benefit from my Business Administration studies with a focus on Product Management & Entrepreneurship.

If you are interested in my experience check out my LinkedIn Profil.

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For me, yoga means to bring balance into my life and to up-level my energy through relaxation, stillness, and surrendering.

Through my work as a Yoga Teacher, I want to support people to be aware of their inner beauty and their life. I want to encourage people to find their true self and live their authentic personality. As well I want to help people to live in harmony with themselves without fear and worries.

Personally, I know the fears and inner fights of being not good enough and fear of being alone so well. I know self-destructive behaviors and thinking patterns and I found a way through yoga to gain more balance and harmony in my life and I want to share this knowledge with others!

Do you want to practice Yoga with me?

My Yoga Classes

Seminar Organization

I love traveling and I love organizing so I support seminars abroad like the seminar “Avalon Erwecke Deine Kraft” and “Hawaii ein Ort in Deinem Herzen”. My main expertise is the organization of accommodation and transportation on site.

As well I take care of the needs of the group in the background so that the seminar runs smoothly.

On my blog, I share more about my spiritual interests!

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