April 2022: Numerology, Astrology, Energy Forecast - New Moon in Aries, New Beginnings, Jupiter Year - Numerology

April 2022: Numerology, Astrology, Energy Forecast

New Moon in Aries,

Full Moon in Libra, Jupiter Year 2022-2023

Relevance of the Number 4

(Month of April stands for the 4)

Numerology Forecast

Number Four Energy:

  • Stability, Grounding, Framework, Structure, Nurturing, Commitment

Light Sides

» Emotional stability, nurturing, committed

» Strong-willed, tolerant, sense of justice

» Go-getters, patience, efficient workers, sense of order

» Determined, reliable

Shadow Sides

» Stubborn in personal habits, inflexible, strict

» Living in illusions & dreams

» Depressive tendencies, self-harm, fixation, distancing

» Insecurity, intolerance, needy


Reflection Questions:

  • Which area of your life do you want to nurture in April 2022?
  • Where do you resist change?
  • Which beliefs and self-doubts are telling me that I can not live my dream life?

What does the Frequency of the 6 mean to us collectively?

Numerology Forecast

New Beginning of a Cycle 1


Number One Energy:

Independence, self-motivation, power, strength, clarity, Instinctive Exploration

Light Sides

» Pronounced self-confidence

» Strong presence, radiant, charismatic

» Pure-heart protective instincts

» Self-motivation, sense of responsibility

Shadow Sides

» Strong ego, fixed mindset,

» Angry, very dominant, ‘know-it-all,’ arrogance

» Self-pity, victim attitude

» Feelings of inferiority

Keywords for the new cycle:

  • Action
  • Change
  • Fresh energy
  • completely letting go of beliefs, things, people, and investments that are not supporting you

Tips to create a successful, aligned Month of April 2022

  • Time to put ideas into practice
  • Time to execute visions and plans you created in the first 2 month
  • Use your High energy and your inner fire for a vision you burn for
  • Use your skills and talents
  • Take time to clarify resources
  • Plan time for rest, recovery and introspection


Reflection Questions to start into the New Cycle:

  • Which actions are scaring you and holding you back of following your dreams and visions?
  • In which area of your life do you lack clarity?

Aires Season 2022

Astrology Forecast

  • First Fire Sign in the Zodiac
  • Ignites passion, determination & action
  • Use the spark of Aries as a motivation to make the change
  • Brings us courage
  • Move like a warrior and go for what you want
  • Use your fire for your passion and your vision
  • Don’t overthink, follow your instincts

Astrological New Year

– Jupiter Year 2022-2023

Astrology Forecast

On March 20th 2022, we moved into the Astrological New Year. Last Year the year was ruled  by the Planet Saturn, this year the year is ruled by the Planet Jupiter. But what does Jupiter stands for?


The planet Jupiter stands for:

Expansion, Growth, Good Fortune, Miracles, Connection, Prosperity

What does this mean for you?

  • Good results in health, wealth and education
  • The energy is optimistic, hopeful, compassionate and generous
  • The energy is more tolerant and after a year of separation we are starting to connect again
  • Important to treat others with respect
  • Check where is your Jupiter placement to figure out how you can create your best luck in your life

Be careful with:

  • Excessive Behaviours
  • Doing too much (even with good intentions too much is too much)


Conjunction with Planet Mercury (Communication) and Planet Neptune (Ruler of Pices) are having a conjunction in Pices.

What does this mean for you?

  • You can develop a tremendous super power to everything super natural
  • Watch out for signs, signals, impulses and warnings from your spirit guides
  • Your energy system might already received an update or you will receive an update
  • You will feel the desire to learn more
  • Your call to book a Course, Training, ….
  • Desire for spiritual exchange
  • Pass on your knowledge through teaching it
  • Use your intuition as it is so strong


Be careful in the conjunction

  • Conjunction makes us prone to deception, naive, foggy
  • Not taking a stand because of too much confusion

The New Moon

April 1 in Aries

Astrological Events, April 2022

  • Create awareness for your feelings and moods
  • Take time to rest your body around the New Moon
    • You could feel exhaustion, headache
  • Look back to the last 29 days to reflect your last cycle
  • Follow your strategy to enhance your energy
  • Sun and Moon are close to Chiron who is the wounded healer
    • Maybe old wounds are showing up which haven’t been healed and which will not fully heal this life time: look at these shadows
    • Allow yourself to do things in your own way of doing things
  • New Beginnings for Entrepreneurs and to start a new business model
  • Maybe this New Moon doesn’t feel like you win something
  • Realize that rules are not the ones who keep us safe, you need to feel safe from within

The Full Moon

April 16 in Libra

Astrological Events, April 2022

  • The sign of Libra stands for the strong need of balance
  • Learn how to share all your feelings
  • Don’t be afraid of who you are

Watch the full video on my YouTube Channel.

I wish us all a curageous, bold, exciting April 2022❤️

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