Hey, I’m Vanessa!

My heart is into design, building authentic businesses, yoga, spirituality and our mother nature

I have made an apprenticeship as a bank management assistant, studied business administration. But I realized something is missing… it was my passion. Suddenly my father died – my whole life turns around. I start to support a lot my mums spiritual business we create her a new website. This has been my first step into my self-employment. People trust me to build websites for them and on this journey, we realize it’s not just the website its’s the whole creation process that is going deep. Especially when you create yourself a business up from the heart to help other people it’s so important to be authentic and to tell your truth. I love it to be creative, to go with the flow, to see the beauty in other people’s work. I am truly grateful for this pain in my life what made me follow my heart and my passion again

“Because of your smile,

you make life more beautiful.”

Thich Nhat Hanh


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