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1. Your Numerology Guide: Life Path Numbers, Life Cycle Numbers, Monthly Energies

2. Align to Seasons Guide: Menstrual Cycle Syncing + Moon Cycle Syncing

What can you expect from the Numerology Guide?

1. How Numerology can support your Intimate Relationships.

2. How to calculate your Life Path Number

3. Energies of the Numbers 1- 9

4. Life Cycle Numbers 1-9

5. Numerology Monthly Energetic Alignment

    What can you expect from the “Align to Seasons Guide”

    1. Why it is so powerful to align your lifestyle to the Moon Cycles or your Menstrual Cycle

    2. Energetic Impact of the Moon Cycles on your 

    3. Energy Impact of the Menstrual Cycle

    4. Lifestyle Recommendations for each Cycle