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My Gift for You!

This journal is created in CoCreation with the Astrology Healer Pernell Bobby.

Content of the Workbook:

1. New Area of Leadership: PureHeart Leadership

2. Bucket List

3. Your Vision

4. Fine-tune Alignment & Personal Values

5. Living in Cycles (Moon Cycle)

6. Astrology Wisdom – Sun Signs, Ascendant, Moon Sign

7. Sacred Numbers – Numerology & Life Path Numbers

8. Daily Reflection Questions 

Are you curious?

Here is an insight in the Workbook.

Moon Cycles – Living in Cycles

Astrology – Zodiac, Sun, Moon, Rising

Numerology – Life Path Numbers

Daily Reflection Questions

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A journal developed for Leaders who want to reconnect with their

desires to create an incredible Love & Sex-Life to Expand Money Generation.