Numerology Love Readings & 1:1 Mentorship to Attract Your Soulmate

Cosmic Glow Up

Create a Healthy Relationship with your Body, Mind & Soul to make Empowering and Deep Connections.

  • UNDEFINE: Uninstall Co-Dependent Behaviour, Patterns, Beliefs & Relationships to express your soul
  • SELF WORTH: Become self-confident in your body and step into your magnetism
  • CONNECTION: Learn how to connect on a soul level, practice honest communication to connect with your soulmates in every area of your life 
  • COCREATION: Learn how to live in Seasons/ Cycles through aligning to the Moon Cycles or your Menstruation Cycle
  • MANIFESTATION: It’s not enough to know who you are – you need to embody your True Expression
  • FIRE UP: Discover your Hidden Desires in Love & Sex to unleash your superpowers

For A Long Time, I was suppressing my Desire for a Love Partner, Intimacy & Sexual Drive

Shortly before my Dad suddenly died, in 2015 I went through a bad breakup. The death of my Dad closed my heart for love for a long time – to be able to handle all the pain I was building high walls around my heart and I told myself the story that I don’t need love in my life. And when I met a guy I loved, it never worked out – I attracted emotionally unavailable men because I was emotionally unavailable. But through radically facing myself, and learning how to feel and express my emotions, I was able to open up to real love & to date again. I explored through dating what I need and desire to feel safe in a relationship, and I finally attracted a Lover who only wants to be with me and who makes me feel safe, and I simply can be my true self.  I share with you my unique approach to how to open up for love again and how to attract a soulmate who flows with you on the same wave.

Are you READY for #LOVE ?

Numerology Readings

Undefine Yourself! Explore Your Strategy to Love & Attract Your Soulmate

1:1 Mentorship

Is your heart closed from a previous relationship but you want to get ready to let love in again?

Embodiment Workshops

Build Confidence in Yourself & CoCreate with SoulMates

Get Your Free Numerology Guide!

Connect with your Soul Purpose and your Soul Mission

I Have A Gift for you: 

Create intimate relationships and attract your Soulmate using Numerology & Life Path Numbers. Your Guide to your Soul’s Blueprint to get a better understanding of how you relate with others.

What You Can Expect From Your Numerology Guide!

How Numerology can support your Intimate Relationships | How to calculate your Life Path Number |  Energies of the Numbers 1- 9 | Life Cycle Numbers 1-9 | Numerology Monthly Energetic Alignment

Calculate Life Path Number

Energies of the Numbers 1- 9

Nine Life Cycle Energies

Monthly Energies explained

LIVE Numerology Readings

To improve your LOVE Relationships, to Attract your SOULMATE,  to heal your Relationship with MONEY,

to step into Your LEADERSHIP ROLE, to discover your SOUL PURPOSE 

You will receive for each Numerology Reading

  1. 1-Hour Live Session via Zoom with Vanessa
  2. Recording of the Live Session
  3. Your Personalized Numerology Chart
  4. Q&A Catch Up to clarify questions after the Reading

Apply for 1:1 Mentorship with Vanessa

1 Month Personal Guidance by Vanessa

You have 3 Options to Apply for

1. Self-Expression Unleashed

2. Body Transformation

3. Attract your Soulmate  

I am Ready to TRANSFORM my Life

How does it feel working with me?

Numerology Reading

Live Workshop

Live Workshop

Live Workshop

Intuitive Healing Techniques

All my healing sessions are mostly intuitive and always personalized to your current needs & wounds.

All over the world, I studied different healing techniques which I incorporate in all my healing sessions, 1:1 Healing Journeys & Online Courses.

Read more about Vanessa’s Journey.

Yoga & Intuitive Movement

Not flexible enough for Yoga?

Yoga is for me a form of practicing acceptance & surrendering in the present moment. It’s deep inner healing to calm down our monkey mind.


Powerful! Our breath is the source of life – our fire. Breathing is healing. You can clear the Mind & create a connection to your Body.

Emotional Release Techniques

Exceptionalism – There is always a hunger for more success, better results & more status. But what if you are exactly perfect with your imperfections?

Revolutionize the rules & restrictions you set for yourself.


Explore your own success path & make peace with your shadow aspects.

(Using the wisdom from Der Weg des Herzens)

Ayurveda Massage

We are energy. We are human. 

We are all craving touch, and we desire to be seen on a deeper soul level. 

Touch heals your soul.

Aroma Therapy

Incredible Results for your emotional balance and physical health. Powerful to set intentions using aroma therapy.

Moon Cycles

Death & Rebirth. 

Can you see the beauty in dark times? If not I invite you to start connecting with the death & your dark sides to transmute into light. 

Huna & Ho'oponopono

Compassion & Love. 

Living in Love is a choice. Actually, it’s your choice. Take responsibility for your emotions and your actions. Forgiveness Rituals are a big part of my work. 

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