How Numerology can help you to create intimate relationships.

How Numerology can support your Intimate Relationships.


» Get to know yourself deeper

» Discover your strategy how you relate with others

» Connect with what you value & desires

» Connect you with your talents

» Show you your challenges, shadows & task you need to continuously work on

» Shows you a perfect strategy to tap into your magnetism to attract your soulmate

» Create healthy routines & commitments that actually work in alignment with your soul mission

» Allow you to Co-Create with the universe

What is a Life Path Number?

Your Life Task & Soul Purpose

The Life Path Number is the essence of your soul and tells you from an outside perspective which task and challenges you have to master in your life. As well, it reconnects with your strength and talents so that you can build intimate relationships according to your best qualities and stop doing what is simply not working for you. The Life Path Number is normally a single number, exceptions are the Numbers 10, 11, 12.

How to Calculate Your Life Path Number (recap) 

Life Path Numbers

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What does the two Numbers upfront show? (E.g. 34)

Life Path Numbers

These two numbers are supporting you to develop your Life Path in a balanced way. It helps you to

find out how to come back into balance when you realize you got out of balance.

Numerology Reading


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