It's a good day to pump yourself with self love! - Numerology

Taking you onboard on my Self-Love Journey

whilst moving through Heart Break

Leaning into my emotions

I feel the last weeks highly emotional. 

A lot of old wounds are showing up. 

A lot of heart break. A lot of old programming. 

A lot of blaming myself that I am not good enough or that I am too much. 

A lot of grieve that my dad isn’t here on earth anymore. 

It is a time to radically face these emotions and INVITING all emotions with an open heart. I dedicated myself to hold myself with open arms for this pain and feel it rather than contacting friends or family. Not because I would think I don’t need anyone. No but making decisions what would be self-destructive for me right now. 

It’s very crucial right now to be conscious with whom we share. Because there is a lot of judgment and pain collectively in the air and getting advice from a hurt place or a judgment what would be good for YOU rather than just holding you and listening to you. 

It is a brilliant time for self liberation and embody radically a LIFE YOU DECIDE to LIVE with WHO YOU DECIDE to live. Not with someone your friends, family or social media accepts. Not it is time to free yourself from this old program and embody the LOVE you ARE. 

You are here to experience your life in YOUR OWN WAY.

You are here to LOVE in your way. 

You are here to just BE. 

How I move through my emotions at the moment.

I dedicate myself exactly to this philosophy of letting go what is self-destructive and what brings me love. Yesterday, I left Medellín for Solo Travel into the unknown. In the unknown I see myself connecting more and more with my true gifts every second. 

Before I left Medellín I did this hike to Tres Cruces. 

I walked it on my own. It was not an easy path. The sun was burning hot. The walkway was slippery and steep. On this path I got introduced into so many beautiful sign & symbols. 

I met a beautiful black Horse in the middle: 

“A black horse as a spirit animal symbolizes strength and passion that will carry you through the most difficult of times.”

A few more gifts I received on my hike:

A beautiful soul offered me fruits on my way up. I got information about good places to stay in Cartagena. Finally, I reached the top in ease. I was surprised. I felt strong. Furthermore, I felt light. I felt how much I release towards the top.  The last month I often felt so heavy, but it must have that something lifted my weight. 

Still yet I was a little scared to walk down on my own this steep and slippery path. Again magic showed, a retired police officer with his dog guided my down my whole way. He helped me in passages when I was about to fall and when we reached the bottom he disappeared magically like an angle. 

This path was confirmation for me that I am on my right path. 

That it is time to release my self doubts. 

This path was my initiation to embody my soul mission.

I am sharing my raw experience with you to encourage you to go as well your own pat.h. Building trust in you and the world. And making friends with ALL EMOTIONS & the SHADOWS, knowing you ARE DARK & LIGHT at the same time. 

How a Numerology Reading feels like 

Numerology Reading Vanessa Gruebel


Numerology Meets Business [60-Minutes]

  • Create creative business solutions: We will work on a specific challenge of your business
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What you can’t expect:

  • No fixed premade strategies
  • No fixed premade strategies
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  • No abstract interpretation of your numbers

What you can expect:

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How can I impact your business with numbers:

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