How to align your life to cycles: 9 Life Cycles explained

The 9 Life Cycles


Numerology is living in alignment with the surrounding energy. Numbers are holding frequencies. In my last post, I was sharing the expected energy of 2022 with you. In this post, I have an amazing way to find out your personal Life Cycle. When you calculate your Personal Life Cycle, you will know which energy will be important for you in the upcoming year. As well, I promise you AHA Moments when you reflect your 2021.

How can you calculate your Life Cycle Number?

9 Life Cycles in Numerology

Birthday + Month + current year

Example how this looks for me:


I will enter in 2022 the Life Cycle of the 2.

One Cycle counts from 1 to 9. 1 is the beginning of a cycle and 9 is the ending of a cycle.

The 9 Life Cycles and their meaning:

#1 Life Cycle Number 1 – Year of New Beginnings

#2 Life Cycle Number 2 – Year of Relationships, Partnerships, Cooperation

#3 Life Cycle Number 3 – Year of Alignment

#4 Life Cycle Number 4 – Year of Home

#5 Life Cycle Number 5 – Year of Big Changes

#6 Life Cycle Number 6 – Year of Personal Relationships

#7 Life Cycle Number 7 – Year of Self-Reflection & Realization

#8 Life Cycle Number 8 – Year of Material Fulfilment

#9 Life Cycle Number 9 – Year of Completion & Termination

If you are curious to know more about the cycles you can watch my video on it or book a personal reading with me ⭐️

Let me know in the comments which cycle you will be in 2022 💚

Namaste Vanessa

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