How to Step out of Co-Dependency & Rise in LOVE

6-Week Online Healing Course

How To Step Out Of Codependency & Rise in Love

The Online Course is your Modern Healing Guide

  • Feel safe in your body and in your Relationships in globally shaky times.
  • Connect with your emotional world and release trapped emotions and limiting beliefs.
  • Detach from People Pleasing and honoring your needs and desires to attract Soulmates in your life.
  • Let Go of Co-Dependent Relationship patterns and take your Power back
  • Connect with your Intuition and develop your unique healing strategy to gain back trust in your life, relationships, and the world.

Your Online Healing Guide

To Heal Co-Dependent Relationship Patterns & Create a Healthy Relationship with Yourself


Powerless in Relationships

Power plays in relationships have a big impact on all the other areas in your life. So it’s time to stop Power Plays and start to CoCreate in your Relationships.


Physic Attacks & Emotional Abuse

Our thoughts are powerful, so even when you are sending out negative thoughts towards an ex-lover, the coworker you hate, or an annoying family member. These thoughts are not going unnoticed. They are in the air and have a bigger influence as you might think. 


Lost Trust in Love, Honesty & Integrity

You don’t know whats true and whats not anymore? Fake News, lies and people using your goodwill shameless for their best. It’s time to step into your power.


Uplifting Relationships

How would it feel, when you feel supercharged through your connections and relations? 


Step into the Frequency of Love

My approach is it to show you how you can discover the hidden beauty in painful life periods and within the dark sides of your soul. If you want to dive into LOVE you need to start loving the Shadows.


Play & Humor

Nothing else is more healing than laughing. Yes, we are working on Deep Topics and the transformation is REAL. But please don’t take yourself too seriously.

Your Instructor.

Vanessa Gruebel

Yoga Teacher, Ayurveda Massage Therapist, Numerologist, Intuitive Healer, YouTuber

It’s time to heal old wounds, to finally step out of your shade and remember your true soul expression.

What are my Qualifications & Teachings?

  • Yoga Teacher: 500 Hours certified Vinyasa Yoga Teacher (200 Hours in Ubud Bali, 300 Hours YTTC in Rishikesh India)
  • Ayurveda Massage Therapist: I’m a certified Ayurveda Massage Therapist, therefore I incorporate the healing powers of touch into my teachings.
  • Numerologist: I studied and learned Numerology, Huna, systemic constellations and Ho’oponopono from my Mum who is leading her Soul Guidance for over 20 years now.
  • World Traveler & Student: I’m a Free Spirit discovering different cultures and learning worldwide Ancient Spiritual Healing Techniques which I bring into the Modern World for 5 years.


What is my Big Mission?

My mission here on earth is to share and translate holistic healing techniques into the modern world. I want to bring as much value as I can into the world to create peace and harmony in a holistic way of living. Therefore, I committed to guiding you on how to step out of Codependency and Rise in LOVE.

Why did I create this Online Course?

My relationship with myself, with my body, and the souls I related, have been twisted. For many years I’ve been very insecure with regard to my body image and I told myself I will be never good enough to be in a love relationship. I suppressed my Sex Drive and restricted myself from Fun and Play in my Life. After my Dad died in 2015 I went through a drastic personality shift and my awakening. I’ve been in multiple spiritual communities and still I found myself trapped in Gurus, Spiritual Leaders who made their students addicted to their teachings. I knew deep within me, I want to be a Leader who teaches freedom and who supports others to be free from within. Through all my experiences and painful and blissful learnings, by Online Course: “How to Step Out of Co-Dependent Relationships and Rise in Love.” started to come alive 3 months ago when I finally met my Soulmate in Mexico.

What You Will Receive

Life Time Access to my 6-Week Online Course Magic

Studio-Video Teachings with Vanessa Gruebel

High-Quatity Video Teachings which combine teaching you knowledge and which inspire your mind to change your habits and patterns. The Video Message are the basic foundation of each week’s content. This is necessary for your transformation and to step into the lesson. You can access the Video Content any time and at your own pace – in the comfort of your own home.

Tailor-Made Daily Practice to Shift Old Patterns & Install New, Healthy Patterns & Beliefs

Each week, you will receive a tailor-made daily practice. Real changes in our behavior and patterns are occurring when we go inwards (meditation, journaling, reflection) and consume new knowledge (video messages + deep-dive content). But your transformation will be limitless when you commit to the daily self-practice to integrate the changes in your physical body and your brand-new self. The practice delivers your mind the proof of concept it needs to get stable and secure in the new patterns.

Powerful Guided Audio Practices & Meditations

Each module is supported by guided Audio Messages and Audio Meditations. In the Audio Messages, I guide you through your transformation with powerful Audio Love Notes which go deep into your subconscious mind. I choose to take Audio on board for your transformation because I am aiming to fine-tune your senses.  

Deep Dive Content & Customised Deep Dive Reflection Questions

Each Module contains Deep Dive Content for you as a PDF and as well Deep Dive Reflection Questions. Filling out the Reflection Questions are a super powerful to connect with your own inner wisdom and your inner Guru, which is there, but you might have forgotten how to access your wisdom. The Questions will help you to reconnect with your truth and will give you the confidence to live your authentic truth. 

Drip-fed Content Over 6 Weeks

I want you to get the most out of this online course. True change happens through the body, not the mind. That’s why I drip-feed each module, each week, for 6 weeks to allow the teachings to integrate at a cellular level and to give you the best possible chance to create lasting change within your life! 


Life-Time Access to the Online Course Material

That’s right! This course is yours to keep for a lifetime! As we move through different cycles/stages in life it is extremely powerful to re-access this content when you need it the most. The teachings and practices are there for you at any time to deepen your spiritual journey, move through challenges, continue the expansion process, and to refresh and reset… all in the comfort of your own home. 

Rising in Love Syllabus

A transparent overview for you which content you can expect in the Online Course

#1 Week

Discover the Hidden Beauty in Death & Emotional Turbulent Times

I will teach you how you can lean yourself into death. Death and grieving mean the full acceptance of all emotions and feelings rising. Often, we are just aiming to feel emotions we associate with as positive emotions. Leaning into the Shadows with Love and Compassion to free ourselves from Co-Dependent Patterns towards our addiction to positive emotions like joy or our addiction to pain.

#2 Week

Energy Alignment – Balance your Feminine & Masculine Energy

We all carry feminine and masculine Energy within us. Therefore, we work in this module on balancing both energies within you, to let go of toxic relationship patterns and step into your true power. The goal is that you use your energy potential to the fullest and step into your real superpowers.

#3 Week

Revolutionize Your Relationships – Set the Base for Soul Connections

It’s time to start a revolution in our relationships. Checking In brutal honest our current relationship patterns and opening up for true heart-centered connection. Globally we are going through major shifts, our security is shaken up so are our relationships tremendously shaken up. This is why we need to relearn and reprogram our whole system, of how we operate in relationships. This means our physical body, our mind, and our soul are affected.

#4 Week

 Rising in Your Relations – Attract Your Soulmates

Can we have it all in relationships? I’m sure you know these kinds of relationships which drain you, or you feel used by your friends or partners. But why do we stay in these relationships: we feel lonely and insecure. In Module 4 it’s time to learn how you can actually build connections that empower you and which are based on co-creation. Furthermore, you will learn how to attract Soulmates in all areas of your life and how you become your own soulmate.

#5 Week

Embody Your True Essence – Live in Integrity

In week 5 you will work on the embodiment of your true Essence. Therefore, you need to feel safe within yourself to feel the whole range of emotions, and you need to be stable to express honestly your feelings. You will learn how to live your True Super Powers in Integrity.

#6 Week

Embrace Your Super Powers

In Week 6 you will learn how to step out of a lack mindset, insecurities and detach from what other people think about you to step into living and embracing your Super Powers.

The Price of Rising in Love!

I want to share a very transparent overview of how I calculated the pricing for my Online Course. Therefore, I show you the value of the different Modules of the Online Course. 

Currently, You are able to purchase the Online Course for 333,- USD, but I could rise the Price at any time.

A Sneak a Peek into the Course

Here in this video is how I prepared the Content for you and what you can expect to receive to be fully transparent with you. 

Membership Area

Mobile Access: App

Interactive Reflection Sheets

Deep Dive Content

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Is the Online Course for me?

For who I created the Online Course:

  • Exhaustion in your Body
  • Feeling tired, powerless, drained, headache closed throat
  • Hypersensitivity in the body and in emotions
  • Emotions feeling out of control
  • Lack of trust in the world we are living in: What is true and what’s not?
  • Lost faith in surrounding and systems
    Feeling attacked and excluded
  • You know you need a change, but you don’t know how you can change
  • Trapped in codependent relationships
  • You need guidance how to heal yourself
  • Sick of complaining and being stuck
  • You are addicted to the pain and complaining
  • You are asking yourself who you are
  • You collected a lot of emotional baggage over the years
  • You experience uncontrolled Anger & Rage
  • You feel sadness: not knowing where it comes from, your soul is grieving
  • You feel depressed or melancholic
  • You are hiding in the closet, losing in yourself the darkness
  • You feel separated: Feeling like an outsider, isolated, misunderstood, not belonging into the world

Even you can’t identify with these points I’m listing here if you feel called to the course I invite you to give the course a chance.

How Much Time Do I Need For The Online Course?

I recommend taking yourself at least 2-4 conscious hours each week for the Online Course Content. 

The daily practice is recommended for at least 5-15 a day. 

What happens if I take longer than a week per module?

Ja auf jeden Fall! Du kannst alle Sessions zu Deiner eigenen Zeit nachholen, da sie im Club Bereich gespeichert werden.

How long do I have the course for?

Die Live Sessions dauern zwischen 60 und 90 Minuten. Wenn Du die Worksheets bearbeitest und Dich zusätzlich mit dem Monats Thema auseinandersetzt und in der Facebook Gruppe aktiv bist sind das wahrscheinlich 2-3 weitere Stunden in der Woche. Am Ende ist es jedoch Deine Entscheidung, wie viel Zeit Du neben den live Sessions für den Shining Women Club aufwendest.