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I was raised on a conventional career route and was born in a small German town. However, at the age of 24, my father unexpectedly passes away away. I was struggling with grief following his tragic passing and felt completely lost in life. I began to reconsider my life, which eventually led to my spiritual awakening. I then began to co-host spiritual retreats in Hawaii, Germany, England, and France after engaging in meditation practice. I started studying astrology, numerology in particular. Especially, numerology was very helpful to me in discovering and following my life path, which is to learn about various spiritual practices and the globe. For this reason, I moved away from home in 2018 to pursue my life’s mission of studying yoga and travelling alone.After finishing my 500-hour YTTC in Rishikesh and my 200-house YTTC in Bali, I began teaching yoga all around the world. I continued studying Numerology and began applying it to give readings to people who I met all over the world. They were amazed when I used Numerology to reveal specific facts about their personalities, and over the past two years, I have used Numerology to help over 500 individuals improve their lives. I have been travelling the world for the past two years with my spouse, whom I met while travelling. As a life coach, I use Numerology, Huna, Self-Reflection, Mindset Work, and my Intuition to assist clients achieve the changes they want in their lives.


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